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I have been talked to at work about clothing (not in a boss telling me what to wear way but a friend suggesting I should try finding a FASHION). I've never had one as my mummy has always bought my clothes. I did attempt to be trendy and purchase clothes but generally that didn't work for me at all during high school.

I don't know, I've never really understood the whole wearing clothes/fashion/style stuff. I mean I just don't understand it. Basically all you are doing is finding stuff to cover up your rude parts. That's it. You could do it with fucking masking tape, it doesn't really matter.

So yeah I don't get it.

Like I don't look in shop windows and go ooooh what a lovely dress I wish I could wear that.

Then again I don't wear make up and I've never understood looking good or trying to look pretty or whatever.

I mean I'm never going to be the most attractive person in the world so why the fuck bother? There's always going to be someone more pretty so why don't you just try doing something that is worthwhile?

I don't know I guess it is just a form of creativity that I haven't really got my head around ever, I don't quite get art either except when it looks like STUFF not this fucking bogus Matisse Fauvian shit.

But anyway I thought it would be interesting to get a fashion. I like to look most of the time if I have a fashion like I am homeless and that I crawled out of a dumpster, this is probably "my look", for example I have a lot of awesome hoodies and ripped jeans and I wear Andy's clothes a lot.

I have pretty shoes but that's because they are the only ones that like... actually FEEL okay I just can't walk anywhere because it hurts if I'm not wearing stupid clogs.

I dunno should I get a fashion? People seem to but I don't know, when I try putting on make up I feel like I just tarted up a pig and I'm always thinking, SO WHAT DID I INTEND TO GET OUT OF THIS REALLY WAS THERE A POINT TO THIS.
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