R.J.'s Talkback Plebe Radio (luciusmalfoy) wrote,
R.J.'s Talkback Plebe Radio

Hullo there.

Well shit I'm on livejournal again!

Sorry folks if you haven't been able to find me. :/ Hope you're all well. Have always been on the emails though - popelindessaix AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

To explain absence tho:

Got told couldn't have kids!
Went insane!!!!
Got pregnant approx six weeks later
Bought "the penthouse"
Had a couple of books published (from uni days)
Did not die in earthqukes
Had baby
did not die in Earthquakes
Did excellent jobness
Drank a lot of beer
Did not die in volcanos WTF NZ is fucking MENTAL
Got promotion
Got fucked up at work Xmas do
Slept a lot

Now have sweet job and am loving corporate work, am definitely made for telling people what to do.

Also will just say I fucking told people I would have a white blue eyed baby AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW ---v

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