R.J.'s Talkback Plebe Radio (luciusmalfoy) wrote,
R.J.'s Talkback Plebe Radio

Back to el-jay

Yanno I think I might get back into el-jay. I did try blogging for a bit but blogging into an open space isn't for me. I like the community of livejournal. Now let's all hug.

Work is difficult as I am managerless and trying to field conversations I can't deal with without consultation with my manager. AGHHHHHGHH. Quite difficult.

Am writing a fantastic story I quite like for once. Am trying to work out if I have $$ to purchase colour pictures of characters.

Husband went to see The Imposter as part of a megafree ticket preview thing for one of the mags he reads, and he says it was great. So, there's that.

Am putting off getting a medical test I'm totes going to have to sooner or later... BLARGARLGHRHGLRHLGHLLHLHG.

I remember the flist thing but mine doesn't appear to be running as fast... have that many people cleared out of LJ?
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