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Anyone else finding the HTML/visual editor a bit buggy in new el-jay? I appear to be.

Today I finished reading Gone Girl which was ridiculously good and made me want to strangle people at the same time. Would recommend.

Had breakfast in nice local pub/restaurant which is baby friendly. I've discovered I spend a lot of time checking if a place is baby-friendly. Felix is a bit of a traditional jock baby - dumb as a brick but mobile as fuck. This is not a great combination if he manages to get onto the ground. Pretty much everything makes me puke copiously though at the moment. I shall be consuming salads only henceforth.

Watched Lockout. Feel Guy Pearce was miscast but it was an interesting movie, if you like explosions.

I'm currently watching Lost Girl. I'm pretty sure it's fairly terrible and yet somehow watchable. It could be because of the massive amounts of sexual tension generated by the doctor character (fucked if I know her name). I've never seen anything quite like it. The woman could have sexual tension with a giant poop.

Also Felix pooped all over the bedroom today. What an asshole.

Petitions to stop people dying and shit in jail
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