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bloop de bloop [02 May 2013|07:58pm]
I got some livejournal spam which suggested they were killing my account and I'm all like woah but who knows maybe they're tracking my computer now!!! And HACKING ME OH NO

Have new job and am enjoying horrorz of problems-which-someone-else-made-but-are-now-mine. The sads I have them. Also having twin boys wtf lol.

Currently really into or desperately waiting for:

  1. Elementary

  2. Luther


  4. GoT and no I have not read the book yes I am ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE

  5. New Girl and why the fuck did the second season of that suddenly become hilarious???? Is it Cece? Or fat!Schmidt?

  6. Jonathan Creek oh yeah there's more coming

  7. Banshee (COME ON NEW SEASON PLZ OMG possibly the best thing ever when there's no Luther)

I don't think I understand any other shows except One Piece but I'm waiting on that for a bit to catch up later.

Also ebooks are the best thing invented. I know I was like woah I HATE EBOOKS for ages but fuck me. That shit changed my life. Suddenly I can take a bunch of books on holidays or to work without any problems. OMFG. That was great. Thanks technology you have made life better.

How is life for everyone?
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Twice to Australia [18 Feb 2013|08:39pm]
Went to Australia twice last week... exhausted now! Fortunately I managed to keep with NZ time the second time around. Fffhfhfhrhhgh. So tired. Not leaving the country again for a million years.

I also seem to be unable to find livejournal's mailbox system because I have an email from tcpip but cannot locate where I am meant to get it. Bugger hey. There's a point when things upgrade too much! I get lost! I wish phones just called people like the did in the old days...

Loving Banshee.

Applied for new job today. Am not qualified for it but I want it. :/
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Lubbly jubbly. [20 Jan 2013|09:41am]
I love it when people say lubbly jubbly. It's a phrase that should be used more often. In the future I expect people recieve Presidential nominations with this phrase, and Olympic athletes using it to describe their winnings.

Writing-wise, I'm trying to finish Mizzenmast for my publisher, and surprisingly it's going okay. I've got three WIPs in progress (novel length) and I will FUCKING COMPLETE THEM. I FUCKING WILL. Seriously.

I am loving my work. It's all terrifically political right now but I'm confident enough of the successful work I've done that I'll be fine. I've also made a lot of new friends in the merger so will be planning a dinner party with board games. HOW EXCITE. I love it when nerds come together to do nerdy things.

I also have to plan an officially fancy dinner night - re: medical drama we recently saved like, $18k-upwards-maybe-upward-forever - and we're using some of our $ching to take out a bunch of helpful friends to the fanciest dinner-place in the city. Fuck though, you've no idea how great it is to suddenly go from being broke-forever to having wads of mad cash.  

Other things:
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Berlkrkrkkr [14 Jan 2013|06:44pm]
Today's fundraising link

I appear to have blown my Paypal account so I'm going to have to wait to do anything online.

I'm a leetle worried about a project I'm working on right now - I'm hoping it'll deliver what it needs to but I'm... not sure. I'm going to have to ask for extra time.

And the baby just woke up. Well that was fun.
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TODAY WHAT I DONE [13 Jan 2013|09:25pm]
Anyone else finding the HTML/visual editor a bit buggy in new el-jay? I appear to be.

Today I finished reading Gone Girl which was ridiculously good and made me want to strangle people at the same time. Would recommend.

Had breakfast in nice local pub/restaurant which is baby friendly. I've discovered I spend a lot of time checking if a place is baby-friendly. Felix is a bit of a traditional jock baby - dumb as a brick but mobile as fuck. This is not a great combination if he manages to get onto the ground. Pretty much everything makes me puke copiously though at the moment. I shall be consuming salads only henceforth.

Watched Lockout. Feel Guy Pearce was miscast but it was an interesting movie, if you like explosions.

I'm currently watching Lost Girl. I'm pretty sure it's fairly terrible and yet somehow watchable. It could be because of the massive amounts of sexual tension generated by the doctor character (fucked if I know her name). I've never seen anything quite like it. The woman could have sexual tension with a giant poop.

Also Felix pooped all over the bedroom today. What an asshole.

Petitions to stop people dying and shit in jail
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Bitch totally got paaaaaaaaiiiddd [12 Jan 2013|10:32pm]
Have been hoarding money like a CRAZYFUCK due to medical issues. However these seem to have RESOLVED (possibly). Now I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch but I'm totally counting my money, and now I have MAD CASH.


I've been seeing myself with a fucking horrible financial fuckuppery of a future. Basically I have been a real scrounger, not buying things I need, etc etc, bitching over $10 spent here or there.

All of a sudden... it doesn't matter.

Because I don't have to save up literally tens of thousands of dollars to get shit done.


The financially responsible part of me suggests I put it on my mortgage.

The unfinancially responsible part of me is screaming: IMAGOONHOLIDAAAAYYYY.
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Back to el-jay [11 Jan 2013|08:14pm]
Yanno I think I might get back into el-jay. I did try blogging for a bit but blogging into an open space isn't for me. I like the community of livejournal. Now let's all hug.

Work is difficult as I am managerless and trying to field conversations I can't deal with without consultation with my manager. AGHHHHHGHH. Quite difficult.

Am writing a fantastic story I quite like for once. Am trying to work out if I have $$ to purchase colour pictures of characters.

Husband went to see The Imposter as part of a megafree ticket preview thing for one of the mags he reads, and he says it was great. So, there's that.

Am putting off getting a medical test I'm totes going to have to sooner or later... BLARGARLGHRHGLRHLGHLLHLHG.

I remember the flist thing but mine doesn't appear to be running as fast... have that many people cleared out of LJ?
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Hullo there. [08 Jan 2013|07:14pm]
Well shit I'm on livejournal again!

Sorry folks if you haven't been able to find me. :/ Hope you're all well. Have always been on the emails though - popelindessaix AT yahoo DOT co DOT uk

To explain absence tho:

Got told couldn't have kids!
Went insane!!!!
Got pregnant approx six weeks later
Bought "the penthouse"
Had a couple of books published (from uni days)
Did not die in earthqukes
Had baby
did not die in Earthquakes
Did excellent jobness
Drank a lot of beer
Did not die in volcanos WTF NZ is fucking MENTAL
Got promotion
Got fucked up at work Xmas do
Slept a lot

Now have sweet job and am loving corporate work, am definitely made for telling people what to do.

Also will just say I fucking told people I would have a white blue eyed baby AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW ---v

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Is anyone else getting extreme amounts of spam? [11 Dec 2010|12:25pm]
I'm getting heaps of Livejournal spam.

Driving me NUTS.

I'm assumign it's because Iv'e got a very cool livejournal name, or it was cool in the early 00s. But. :/ ARGH.
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Writer's Block: Stirring creative forces [06 Dec 2010|06:08pm]
Who has most influenced you the most creatively, and how?

Rose Tremain
Stephen King
Martin Amis
Catherine Jinks
Carol Topolski
Stanley Elkin
JRR Tolkien

I guess they just showed me how to write. Stylisticially I steal most heavily from Tremain.
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Is anything else good. [05 Dec 2010|09:00pm]
Shows I watch:

  • Misfits
  • Community
  • Dexter
  • Luther (when it comes back on)
  • Psych (but it's getting a bit shitty)

Look, is there anything else that's even remotely good on television?

Just let me know. Because this seems to be it.

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lgbt [04 Dec 2010|02:51pm]
FOS has been mentioned as a LGBT book on blogs. I'm pretty sure it's not. I don't know if you can classify the incidental sexuality of a character as bouncing it into a LGBT barrel, especially as it's mentioned like once and as a source of lulz. I don't know, I wouldn't call A Touch of Frost an LGBT show just 'cos he had a gay sidekick once.

I don't know. Maybe I've read things wrong.

As I'm sure you know I've told Andy I'll leave him if he doesn't have a degree by the end of this year. I can't stop being horrified by the fact he's clearly not even making the effort to study at all. I don't know. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with him. Maybe this is his nice way of telling me it's over? Ugh.
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suicide twins [30 Nov 2010|11:48pm]
I fucking knew I knew those twins in that suicide pact in Australia

They went to my school & were in my year level or the year just below

goddammit, fucking weird!

from one report:

An old schoolmate from the Methodist Ladies College in Kew told The Age that the twins were quiet and did not socialise with other students.
'They were intellectual but quite socially awkward,' she said.
'They were perceived as strange or weird. It was a b****y school and it was hard for them because they came in Year 10.
'I can't think of anyone who was actually friends with them.'
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can I just say [28 Nov 2010|10:07pm]


He looks like he's made out of silk.

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your feelings about you [25 Nov 2010|09:46pm]
I have been talked to at work about clothing (not in a boss telling me what to wear way but a friend suggesting I should try finding a FASHION). I've never had one as my mummy has always bought my clothes. I did attempt to be trendy and purchase clothes but generally that didn't work for me at all during high school.

I don't know, I've never really understood the whole wearing clothes/fashion/style stuff. I mean I just don't understand it. Basically all you are doing is finding stuff to cover up your rude parts. That's it. You could do it with fucking masking tape, it doesn't really matter.

So yeah I don't get it.

Like I don't look in shop windows and go ooooh what a lovely dress I wish I could wear that.

Then again I don't wear make up and I've never understood looking good or trying to look pretty or whatever.

I mean I'm never going to be the most attractive person in the world so why the fuck bother? There's always going to be someone more pretty so why don't you just try doing something that is worthwhile?

I don't know I guess it is just a form of creativity that I haven't really got my head around ever, I don't quite get art either except when it looks like STUFF not this fucking bogus Matisse Fauvian shit.

But anyway I thought it would be interesting to get a fashion. I like to look most of the time if I have a fashion like I am homeless and that I crawled out of a dumpster, this is probably "my look", for example I have a lot of awesome hoodies and ripped jeans and I wear Andy's clothes a lot.

I have pretty shoes but that's because they are the only ones that like... actually FEEL okay I just can't walk anywhere because it hurts if I'm not wearing stupid clogs.

I dunno should I get a fashion? People seem to but I don't know, when I try putting on make up I feel like I just tarted up a pig and I'm always thinking, SO WHAT DID I INTEND TO GET OUT OF THIS REALLY WAS THERE A POINT TO THIS.
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new zealand is having a bit of a shitty few months eh [24 Nov 2010|11:51pm]

cue tsunami
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good god my day [09 Nov 2010|06:22pm]
Was about balancing people's shit.

I honest to god nearly lost my shit at one point because I was being asked to do something I didn't want to.

And then I ran around to various different ministries and branches, mainly screaming and bouncing around.


Our team of 9 was down to 4 by the end of the day.

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fuck [08 Nov 2010|06:04pm]
So okay

If I book something on a holiday

And I pay the deposit

And then I cancel the flight etc...

I just lose the deposit, right? I don't have to pay any more money????
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Other people watch this, right? [07 Nov 2010|10:54am]

Andy is standing talking at me about how terrible the Prince of Persia movie is. I'm not capable of watching it since they appear to have taken a fantastic widdle all over the games.

Going out to a party tonight which will apparently involve like music videos.

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hmmm. [06 Nov 2010|01:40pm]
Quit nanowrimo - the only stat on the site I used was removed, and suddenly I realised that in fact that was the ONLY thing making me want to do this.

First time I'd gotten involved in the 'community' aspect of it (as a side-effect of using the stat).

I can't say I'm not fucking pissed off but hey, I didn't pay any money for the thing so I really can't complain at all.

Time to write reeeealll fiction! D:
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