R.J.'s Talkback Plebe Radio (luciusmalfoy) wrote,
R.J.'s Talkback Plebe Radio

Lubbly jubbly.

I love it when people say lubbly jubbly. It's a phrase that should be used more often. In the future I expect people recieve Presidential nominations with this phrase, and Olympic athletes using it to describe their winnings.

Writing-wise, I'm trying to finish Mizzenmast for my publisher, and surprisingly it's going okay. I've got three WIPs in progress (novel length) and I will FUCKING COMPLETE THEM. I FUCKING WILL. Seriously.

I am loving my work. It's all terrifically political right now but I'm confident enough of the successful work I've done that I'll be fine. I've also made a lot of new friends in the merger so will be planning a dinner party with board games. HOW EXCITE. I love it when nerds come together to do nerdy things.

I also have to plan an officially fancy dinner night - re: medical drama we recently saved like, $18k-upwards-maybe-upward-forever - and we're using some of our $ching to take out a bunch of helpful friends to the fanciest dinner-place in the city. Fuck though, you've no idea how great it is to suddenly go from being broke-forever to having wads of mad cash.  

Other things:
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